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The bulls have turned the corner for home at the 53rd Annual Tucumcari Bull Test. New, expanded pens coupled with a high roughage diet are two major changes cooperators have made at the test in the last two years. Both have no doubt benefited the bull's performance, soundness, and overall eye appeal. Through 84-days the bulls are gaining 3.71 pounds per day.

The 15 Hereford bulls on test averaged 3.43 pounds per day at the 84-Day weigh session. The Hereford division's top performing bull, 2-2, a March 2013 son of SR CALIBER 1180X (Cornerstone Ranch, Inc., Ft. Sumner, NM), leads both the weight per day of age (WDA; 3.51 lbs., Ratio: 119.67) and average daily gain (ADG; 4.19, Ratio: 122.24) portion of the test. The top sire group in the Hereford division are sons of CHURCHILL YANKEE 8184U (Cornerstone Ranch, Inc.) that have posted a 3.16 WDA (Ratio: 107.5) and a 3.82 ADG (Ratio: 111.5).

As a division, the Charolais bulls lead all breeds in ADG performance through 84-days at 3.83 pounds per day. Grau Charolais (Grady, NM) bulls sired by GRAU BIG TIME L56 lead the WDA, ADG, and top sire group in the Charolais division. Bull 6-3, posted the top WDA (3.41; Ratio: 102.37) and 6-2 topped all Charolais bulls with a 4.25 (Ratio: 111.10) ADG.

An always competitive Angus division has the 56 bulls on test averaging 3.78 pounds of gain per day after 84-days. Bull 28-2, a March 2013 son of RWL&C T139 BANDO x287 (Hartzog Angus Cattle, Bovina, TX) is the top WDA (3.79; Ratio: 125.05) Angus bull, and bull 16-2, a March son of B/R FUTURE DIRECTION 6171 (J-C Angus Ranch, Moriarty, NM), is the ADG leader posting a 4.77 daily gain (Ratio: 126.24). Sons of JMc IMPRESSION 1314 325 (McCall Land & Cattle, Moriarty, NM) and B/R FUTURE DIRECTION 6171 (J-C Angus Ranch) lead the top sire categories for the WDA (3.33; Ratio: 109.98) and ADG (4.17; Ratio: 110.29), respectively, in the Angus division.

Make plans to join the cooperators at the 53rd Annual Performance Tested Bull Sale on Saturday, March 8 with lunch being served at 11:30 am MST and the live auction starting at 1:00 pm with Jack Blandford on the sale block.

For more information contact Dr. Manny Encinias at (505) 927-7935 or mencinia@nmsu.edu