Preview 10 am • Lunch 11:30 am • Sale 1 pmMarch 6, 2019

The 56th annual Tucumcari Bull Test is under way! We have 158 bulls on test again this year from 23 cooperators from New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. The Angus, Braunvieh, Charolais, Hereford, and Red Angus breeds are being represented. At the conclusion of the test, we will have individual intake, efficiency, Residual Feed Intake, and performance values available on every animal! The sale is set for Wednesday, March 9th and will once again be made available online by Superior Livestock to those who can't make it sale day.

One of our youth programs has come full circle with this year's test. Jolene Wulf from Valencia County had participated in the Valencia County Heifer project in 2017. She purchased and raised a heifer from Hartzog Angus. The Hartzogs purchased the bull calf out of her heifer and now have it at the test station! Jolene will be watching the progress of her calf throughout the test.

The collaboration between New Mexico cattle producers, the Tucumcari Ag Science Center, and New Mexico State University Extension, continues to grow and strengthen. The cooperators of the Tucumcari Feed Efficiency Test, LLC (owners of the test station) have agreed to allow New Mexico State University to conduct a water intake project in conjunction with the test this year. The goal will be to collect individual water intake per animal and compare it to their individual feed intake.

Marcy Ward
Bull Test Director
Extension Livestock Specialist
Cell: 575-644-3379

Bulls feeding from GrowSafe feeder
Bulls feeding from GrowSafe feeders.