College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Center of Excellence in Sustainable Food and Agricultural Systems

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Overall Goals for CESFAS:

  1. Develop transdisciplinary collaborations among university faculty with industry partners to identify and work on research and educational needs in the areas of sustainable food and agricultural systems.
  2. Conduct innovative research that supports value-added agriculture.
  3. Provide practical, research-based education to students to develop workforce-ready graduates with the training and skills needed to support food and value-added agricultural industries.
  4. Become a hub for collecting and disseminating current livestock production, plant production, food safety, food science, food technology, food bioprocessing, and value-added food and agribusiness entrepreneurship information and training.
  5. Foster communication between industry and education and disseminate information that will consistently serve as a resource to the agricultural industry, the community, and the K–20 educational system.

An Interdisciplinary Program

Project Collaborators/Partners:

  • NMSU College of Engineering
  • NMSU College of Business
  • NM Chile Industry

Agricultural Sustainability is defined as the ability to meet society’s food, fuel, feed and fiber needs in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. In order to sustain human communities and the environments in which they live, food and agricultural systems must be environmentally sound, economically viable and socially responsible.

Natalie Golberg
Phone: 575-646-3125