Alphabetical listing for A

Abraham, David Software Developer Assoc. Innovative Media Research and Extension
Acharya, Ram Associate Professor Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business
Aguirre, Adrian Program Manager Innovative Media Research and Extension
Aguirre, Esther S. Fiscal Assistant - Sr. Innovative Media Research and Extension
Aguirre-Meza, Carlos A. Laborer Agricultural Science Center at Los Lunas
Ahlm, Augusta Extension FCS/4-H Agent San Juan County Extension Office
Ahn, Insook Assistant Professor Family and Consumer Sciences
Alder, Jeremy B Lab Tech - Research Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology
Allegri-Conde, Mario Gerald Thomas Chair Dean's Office
Allen, Samuel "Sam" Agricultural Research Scientist Agricultural Science Center at Farmington
Allison, Chris Range Policy Specialist Tom & Evelyn Linebery Chairs
Anchang, Julius Y. Res. Asst. Professor Plant & Environmental Sciences
Anderson, Elisa Administrative Assistant - General Extension Family and Consumer Sciences
Administrative Assistant - General Family and Consumer Sciences
Anderson, Jeff L. Assoc. Prof/Ext. Ag Agent/Agron. & Hort. Doña Ana County Extension Office
Anderson, John P. Program Manager - Sr. Jornada Experimental Range
Andozola, Andra Twitchell Lab Tech Research Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science (EPPWS)
Aney, Skye Program Manager, Sr. Jornada Experimental Range
Angadi, Sangu Crop Physiologist/Professor Agricultural Science Center at Clovis
Professor Plant & Environmental Sciences
Aragon, Mayra I Nutrition Educator Bernalillo County Extension Office
Aranda, Anthony Farm Ranch Manager Fabian Garcia Research Center
Archuleta , Franchesca Administrative Assistant - Associate Torrance County Extension Office
Arellano, Elena Administrative Assistant - General Agricultural Science Center at Alcalde
Armstrong, Kylie CES County Program Asst Union County Extension Office
Arrigucci, Andrea Program Coordinator School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management (HRTM)
Ashcroft, Nick K. Nat'l Res Policy/Plan Analyst, Sr. Tom & Evelyn Linebery Chairs
Ashley, Ryan L. Professor Animal and Range Sciences
Aycock, Robert "Gary" Program Ops. Director-Sr. FFA/Agricultural Education
Azcarate, Jessica College Assistant Professor Family and Consumer Sciences

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