Alphabetical listing for A

Abraham, David Software Developer Assoc. Innovative Media Research and Extension - Graphics & Animation
Acharya, Ram Associate Professor Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business
Achen, Aspen County Program Director De Baca County Extension Office
Aguirre, Adrian Multi-Media Specialist - Sr. Innovative Media Research and Extension - Graphics & Animation
Aguirre, Esther S. Fiscal Assistant - Sr. Innovative Media Research and Extension - Faculty Unit
Ahedo, Miriam R. Administrative Assistant - General Family and Consumer Sciences
Ahn, Insook Assistant Professor/Clothing Family and Consumer Sciences
Akande, Raphael Computer Specialist Bernalillo County Extension Office
Computer Specialist ACES Information Technology & Help Desk
Allen, John County Program Director/Ext. Ag. Agent Socorro County Extension Office
Allen, Samuel "Sam" Agricultural Research Scientist Agricultural Science Center at Farmington
Allison, Chris Range Policy Specialist Tom & Evelyn Linebery Chairs
Anchang, Julus Post Doc Plant & Environmental Sciences
Anderson, Jeff Assoc. Professor/Ag Agent/Agron. & Hort. Doña Ana County Extension Office
Anderson, John Program Manager - Sr. Jornada Experimental Range
Angadi, Sangu Crop Physiologist/Professor Agricultural Science Center at Clovis
Professor Plant & Environmental Sciences
Antillon-Casas, Adriana Nutrition Educator Bernalillo County Extension Office
Aragon, Mayra I Nutrition Educator Bernalillo County Extension Office
Aranda, Anthony Farm Ranch Manager Fabian Garcia Research Center
Archuleta, Augusta Administrative Assistant - Associate Extension Economics
Administrative Assistant - Associate Rural Agricultural Improvement and Public Affairs Project (RAIPAP)
Archuleta, David Farm/Ranch Supervisor Agricultural Science Center at Alcalde
Ashcroft, Nick Resource Policy Analyst Tom & Evelyn Linebery Chairs
Ashley, Ryan Associate Professor Animal and Range Sciences
Atwood, Susan "Yvonne" Administrative Assistant - Associate Catron County Extension Office
Ayers, Eldon Research Assistant Professor Jornada Experimental Range

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