Alphabetical listing for N

Narramore, Jeanne Nutrition Educator/4-H Share Care Cibola County Extension Office
Neeley, Jennifer Nutrition Educator Sierra County Extension Office
Nelson, Conrad Program Specialist Jornada Experimental Range
Nesbitt, Tim Assistant Dean/Director Business and Resource Planning
Nicholson, Cindy Gwalteny Asst Dean to Development/Alumni Relations Dean's Office
Niece, Bryan Ag. Research Assistant - Sr. Agricultural Science Center at Clovis
Nilahyane, Abdelaziz Post Doc Agricultural Science Center at Clovis
Norris, Rosanne Fiscal Assistant - Sr. Extension Animal Sciences and Natural Resources
Norton, Veronica Nutrition Educator McKinley County Extension Office
Novak, Laurie J. Administrative Assistant - Inter. Extension Plant Sciences
Nunez, Maria T. Administrative Assistant - General Agricultural Science Center at Clovis
Nystul, Jaime J. Administrative Assistant - Associate Colfax County Extension Office

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